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'86 El Camino Heartbeat of America My '86 El Camino
'86 El Camino Conquista (click on picture to enlarge)

Clean examples are getting hard to find. My '86 has been described as the "straightest",
the "best looking", "cleanest", and "most representative"
El Camino
seen in many years.

The El Camino. Beauty that works.
El Camino is proof that you really can have it all....utility and beauty in the same vehicle. If you are visiting this site you must be one of the many admirers of the Chevrolet El Camino. A vehicle that offers the comforts of a passenger car with the hauling capabilities of a truck, some enthusiasts affectionately refer to the El Camino as “the Cowboy Cadillac”.  It is this dual personality that has endeared the El Camino to people of all walks of life. The El Camino is both a personal and utility vehicle, at home in my suburban driveway, in the country club parking lot, or on the farm. Whether you're headed for the high country or planning a night on the town, you'll find the El Camino's trim lines and sleek design will fit right into your plans. My Conquista model was very luxurious and well appointed for this time period. Yet with 35.5 cu. ft. of cargo capacity and a 1.250-lb payload, the El Camino can hunker down and take on the tough jobs. Air-adjustable rear shocks and double-wall construction in crucial areas help keep El Camino hauling tough and looking good.

Over the years, the El Camino has been fitted with everything from rip-snorting, high-output big-blocks to meek, energy-crunch V6’s. Chevy even offered the ill-fated 350-cubic-inch diesel V-8. Through all of the changes, the El Camino has managed to assert its individual styling to capture the minds and hearts of multiple generations of automotive enthusiasts. The El Camino's car-like styling and the work/play options of a truck have made it one of the most popular vehicles ever produced. Indeed, the Chevrolet El Camino lasted nearly a decade longer on the market than Fordís Ranchero, proving its distinctive blend of car styling and truck capability was "the way" for almost a million customers. We were supposed to see a modern El Camino revival with the Pontiac G8 ST, but thanks to the economic meltdown, that didn't happen. Today, the El Caminos of yesterday are going through an exciting rebirth. They are being restored, rebuilt, customized and loved. The El Camino is a perfect car for a collector. A noteable quote from Road and Track "a classic El Camino is always going to be cool" (R&T 4/14/16).

My ‘86 El Camino site is comprised of 4 main tabs. Historical presents a brief history of the Chevrolet El Camino, summarizing its 5 generations. Each features a link showing the unique body style that began that particular generation. It incudes the Chevrolet El Camino & Choo-Choo Customs / GMC Sprint & Caballero Production totals by year. The Exterior and Interior pages provide a good look at my ‘86 both inside and outside. Under the Hood covers the mechanical details of the Cowboy Cadillac.

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